R.A. turns 7 years

posted by moyo on 21st Nov 2016, 1:46 AM

Hey, all.

It's been a while but I realize that Rapturous Arcane turn 7 years old. @_@

I mean time flies, but it's time I'm grateful for. I learn a lot and I hone my skill bit by bit. Am actually more thankful that you're following the story.

I just wanted to say thanks for reading along and sticking with me through the up and downs. :)

Thanks again, and keep enjoying the story.

A Major Update.

posted by moyo on 12th May 2016, 3:38 PM

Hey all. Check it out i'm still alive. he he........
Ok silly act aside, I really thought you explain the sporadic moves I'm doing and what's going on with Rap. Well It's still on. I'm actually drawing out the pages cause I really want to finish and post this chapter, but life hasn't been nice to me for a bit. I wish I could say the work scheduled was making it hard, but sadly there isn't. I got laid off from my job, and looking for work has been an up and down ride. That mean any experience I had and was building up towards this comic was pulled away to pay bills. And the matter build up more where it was called to court (for the most stupid and most evil move I'll ever experience in my life.) But now that storm is passing. /^o^/ Yea clear skies.

So to things I'm doing right now.
1)I am drawing out the rest of Rapturous Chapter 5. So when I post it I'll have it done colored and all, and I would already be working on the next one. I'm sorry I haven't said anything for so long and i haven't updated anything. :(

2)It also has me making a Patreon page. I honestly had one already, but I really didn't have an idea what to do or give to everyone for rewards. So Bear with me that it's so small right now, but I'm working one it.
A date when you'll see the next pages? I'm giving myself as much time to finish this and to start the next so i would have some pattern to follow. So sadly June 1 is the likely day a new page would be up. 

Don't kill me. DX *throws blanket*

Thank You for bearing with me and waiting for so long. Just please wait a bit more. If anything I can post up some little things here and there, and maybe a little panel preview. I'll try to be more active. D:

Thank You.

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Coming back again. :3

posted by moyo on 9th Aug 2015, 10:58 AM

Hey everyone. smile emoticon
Hope your summer is going well and you all are staying cool. 
So now that time has pass and things have calmed down I can finally post something. I'm sorry that it's taking so long posting the next pages. I am creating them, but I'm wrapped up with setting things up for a convention that's coming up, and work . Pages will come back but on the 28th. I'm sorry again for the very long delay and I thank you for being patient.


Back on the 29th!

posted by moyo on 9th Mar 2015, 3:12 AM

Hey everyone. So you notice the slow activie, but i come with good news. The next chapter is starting up on the 29 this month. />o>/

So yea. A new chapter will be up and follow along with the sunday update. So yea keep that look out for any further news.

So there's a thing called SpringFest

posted by moyo on 10th Mar 2014, 3:59 PM

Hello everyone

So kinda notice the no movement going on here, but there's a reason.
Besides working on the pages for chapter 4, I've had to split my time to prep my things for a little con that's coming up in a few days called springfest. Really I don't know who lives or is in the NY area, but I will be there this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) with a table. *cue dancing and confetti*

So if there's going to be anyone around the con either walking around or you have a table I would love to meet you. :)
We can can talk a bit, exchange cards, or plan a sign a long. lol
So If your going I would look out for you to exchange hello, or greeting, or a treasure map. I really wish they had a floor plan so I can show where I will be located, but no luck there. :/ You can find me with the handmade sign with the bear and bunny on it. I know while there I'll be working on my pages at the same time so I can get them done.

But it would be great to see some new faces and old faces too. :) (I know a few people personally that will be there.)

Ok all so I'll see you later.


posted by moyo on 18th Jan 2014, 12:45 AM

So hello everyone.

Well the new notice is I graduate from school! cool
So now that I have conqure my studies, and the one two exams I have left.
I can pick up the pages again. So look out for the last pages for this chapter.


A bit of a pause...

posted by moyo on 29th Dec 2013, 5:08 PM

Happy holiday everyone.

Just a note that things are being worked in the background. The next page is being colored right now. Just had to stop to manage other things at the moment that needed attention like school work and exams. 

So maybe tonight or tomorrow you will see page 17. At the mean time names and storyboards are being created for chapter 4. 
I'm very hype about this chapter because i wanted to start on it for a long time, and i how you enjoy the final results.

So please bear with me a bit more, and thank you for reading my story. It means a lot to me.

I'm Back!

posted by moyo on 19th Oct 2013, 11:54 PM

Yea! So now that things are handle I can put pages up and do more. *dance of joy*
Sorry for the long absence. :(
Had my plate filled with things, but now I'm back. I'm trying to go for a one to two post a week. :)
So for the readers and new readers that joined welcome and thank you for reading. :D


Look forward for more.




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